Bachelor Project 2021

In The Blue Hour of Twilight

Check out my latest digital project, available for download on for free in English and Danish (Original). This project was the final project of my bachelors at DKA and the culmination of all the things I learned during my time there.

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Who Am I?


Narratives have always been important to me. I think that games are without a doubt the best media to deliver gripping stories and all my projects are designed around telling stories in interesting ways. If story isn’t the main focus, I provide the art and design teams with short-stories set in-universe to help establish mood.

Game Designer

A design can often be explained, but often it’s more important to just show it. Whenever I come up with a mechanic, I’ll prototype it and see how it works. This, coupled with my sense for quality, makes me a competent designer.
I have experience and skills at both starting, focusing and finishing projects.

Project Leader

At all phases of a project there will be issues that need to be resolved. I have developed myself into a person capable of leading a team – with a focus on “boosting” my colleagues as much as possible. I believe that every member of the team can bring valuable input, if only they are allowed. Cooperation and flat team-structure are my preferred methods.

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About me

In short: A student from the Royal Danish Design Academy, where I study Games and Interaction Design. I am a skilled game designer, accustomed to working in flat team-structures. I have a burning passion for writing affecting stories and designing games/experiences around them. I believe we have only just scratched the surface of great narrative design and all I want is to dig deep and discover what can be done!

From the moment I first learned to play, I knew that games were going to be a large part of my life. Naturally other forms of media have interested me as well, but the challenge, immersion and escapism afforded in games has always fascinated me the most – The unique ability to draw in the audience and demand their attention is unmatched. Every game I’ve played has pushed me to further seek out new experiences and explore different genres over the years. It is my firm belief that the potential of games remains largely unexplored.

That being said, welcome to my site! I am Jakob and I hope you find something of interest here. I am a Bachelor of Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Design where I studied Games and Interaction Design. My biggest areas of expertise are writing, narrative design, game design and production management. My practical skills include varying levels of experience with: programming in C#, Unity, Photoshop, Aseprite, Twine and Blender. I am constantly trying to improve my skills and should you have feedback or suggestions for any projects found here, please let me know. 
I would be delighted.

– Jakob

Areas of interest